I came across Badoo whilst browsing the App store. I was actually looking for Tinder since everybody else seemed to be raving about it. As I was on my iPad, only Badoo was available.

To join Badoo, you have 2 options, enter your email and password or join through Facebook. I am always hesitant with websites or apps that do not give many options or they only want you to login with your Facebook credentials even though I am an online social butterfly!

So I was able to join with just my email. But after a few weeks I wasn unable to login to Badoo at all. I tried to reset my password several times but I still couldn’t login. The only way I could read my messages was clicking on the link in the email notification and it would open directly into Safari but it was so tedious to read messages as you could not see what you were typing. I eventually gave up and deleted the Badoo app. It didn’t feel like I was missing much anyway.

Badoo Hot or Not Blendr

For Stuzz.com we decided we would review dating sites, so Badoo was given a second chance. This time I could not be bothered and joined using my Facebook credentials.

To my surprise as I logged in I already had messages in my inbox and favorites which I thought was a bit strange…

Then one guy messaged me and mentioned he was logged on Hot or Not. I joined hotornot.com many years ago, I would say 2008 or 2009. It was originally a photo rating site, now seemed to be a Hangout app only. You could comment on the pictures and send messages privately. It was kind of a fun site.

Another guy told me he was logging in from Blendr – a site that I’d heard of but as yet not checked out, another one to add to the Stuzz.com review list!

Your online dating profile on Badoo.

You feel out your profile and add a few pics and you decide on a few things:

Why you are there?

  • Make new friends
  • Chat
  • Date

With who?

  • With a boy
  • With a girl


This is where you decide on an age groupyou are interested in.

Then you can write something about yourself in the “about me” section, add your interests, and your features such as relationship, sexuality, height, kids…. Your interests are kind of important because this is the only things about who you are that will show up with your pictures when you play encounter.

Badoo Hot or Not Blendr

Once your dating profile is done, you can move on to the next section of Badoo which will show you the people nearby as this app is location based. It will then show you the people around your location, although I’m not sure how far it travels. Badoo also lets you choose if you want to see All, Online or just New people.

Badoo Encounters.

Badoo works a bit like Tinder. Want to meet up? You look at pictures, it will show you what that person is here for and his/her interests, the one with common indicators will be highlighted. The fun bit is selecting your choice with a Yes, Maybe or No. Once you both have said yes or Maybe (not really sure why they bothered with a maybe button, I always click on maybe and never yes) Badoo will reveal the whole profile by sending you a message.

This is where it bothers me. A few of the people I have matched with, I would not date. Why? Let’s take one guy with whom I was a match and messaged me instantly. Not only does he live in another state, he is also 173cm. If he had bothered checking my profile (but as we know not many do), he should have seen I was in another state and if he had read it properly he would have seen the first sentence says I WANT a man that is 180cm minimum!

Most of my matches were from other States or too far away, too short or their sexuality is open-minded – not sure what it means exactly but would rather stick with a straight guy, and some were in an open-relationship – sorry but I have no intention of sharing. And one Spammer who contacts people to get them to go to his wife adult Facebook page…

Note: You can actually check the whole profile before saying “yes” by clicking “chat” then “Profile”.

Next section is Badoo Visitors.

It shows you who visited your profile.

Other Badoo sections are the Liked You and Favorites.

If you have Super Powers then you can see who has liked you and who favorited you. Badoo is totally free but you can upgrade with Super Powers with prices ranging from $6.67/month to $11.33/month. Or you can try it for free when you spam your friends to get them to join…

I have had all sorts of people contacting me. From the deranged, the sext addict and spammers to the nice guy who’s good to have a little chat with when you are on a break, but no luck with finding anyone I would actually date. I have met a couple of guys for coffee but that was it.

Maybe it is because I live in a small town, there are not many people around me. About 40 people show up and a few of them have 2-3 profiles (maybe they had the same issue as me, signing up with an email or maybe they have a profile on all 3 websites which then show up as duplicates, not really sure. I would assume I have two profiles on Badoo now). The list of guys *around* my location seems endless though but I have no clue how far they are and will not bother to click on all of the profiles to check as I have enough weirdos and time wasters contacting me.

Being on Badoo will not show up on your Facebook page.