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With the prevalence of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, trying to find a date on a Friday night is within a simple touch on the screen of your smartphone. Datelytics, like Tinder, Badoo, and a host of other dating sites and apps lets you log in using your Facebook credentials. It is fast and easy. Unlike OKCupid and other long-time conventional dating sites, you do not need to think of a clever username. It makes sense, too, to use your real name as you will eventually tell your potential date your name.

Once you are logged in, you are asked: what are you looking for?

You have 3 choices and they are:

1) True luv

2) Experiment

3) One night stand

Whatever choice you decide to click, it takes the place of ticking boxes of what you are looking for, and therefore narrows your search for like-minded people.

Once you click on your choice, the screen will take you to 2 options: 1) Browse through matches 2) Check out events

If you click browse through matches, you will be met with 3 tabs. One tab for that person’s friend/s, your common interests, and what that match is seeking. Each profile displays basic information such as your complete birthdate; languages spoken; religious belief/s; previous and current jobs; education; friends and interests; all culled from your Facebook profile.

What is different about Datelytics is that not only do you get to know a match or somebody you are interested in (before you actually meet them) because of their fabulous profile picture, the number of (mutual) friends that you may recognise, or their (Facebook) friends that you may also know in real life but not on Facebook, you also have the option to save a lot of money on your upcoming date with that match you are debating. This is because Datelytics work with Groupons, LivingSocial, and Scoutmob to help you preserve your pocketbook because dating is costly.

Imagine the all-in-one simplicity of all or most of your social-networking and social-media working for you via a dating site to further enhance your dating life. All achieved through your numerous Facebook likes.

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I am familiar with LivingSocial thanks to a twitter friend a few years ago who convinced me to join up. Since I very rarely shop or eat out in New Orleans and have no desire to visit Jackson, MS, the benefits of LivingSocial is wasted on me. Groupon discount deals are a little bit convoluted to me so I never bothered to check it out. Scoutmob is new to me and it does not (yet) list a big city closest to me so I am not sure if people in this neighbourhood will care too much about joining up although Datelytics is partnering with them.


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Datelytics is different from the gamut of online dating sites as it caters mostly to the social networking and social media addicts such as myself and Prisqua. Unlike most people active on social media, I do not use nor do I give out my real name, add people I actually know in real life to Facebook and to an extent, Twitter. I am uncertain how many people out there would not object to having their profiles showing up on their friends’ or families’ online dating profiles. However, considering Tinder is hugely popular although it lists mutual friends of potential matches, I am guessing many people do not give it much thought about having their friends showing up in their online dating profiles.

Currently, Datelytics is in the process of adding more good stuff to their site such as other third party apps, networking events, daily deals and etc. As Datelytics is not yet online, I cannot say with certainty that I like or dislike it. I just have questions about my friends on Facebook showing up on my online dating profile. I also have questions such as if I hide my likes on Facebook from the public, will it still show up like they do on Tinder. I am uncertain about “Experiment” in the “what are you looking for section. I am (only) guessing that it means, a person is trying out this online dating thing or going out with persons who may or may not be defined as a girl/boyfriend in the end or ends up being a one night stand.

Apart from my social networking friends showing up in my online dating profile, I also find targeted advertising such as daily deals based on my Facebook likes and check-ins rather disconcerting.

I did mention Datelytics concept of online dating to a 23 year old and it piqued his interest. I am not sure what that means. Maybe I am a little bit too paranoid.