Once a week, a friend of mine and I have decided to meet up and go for a walk alongside the beach. It’s a good way to keep in touch and catch up on gossip, a refreshing change to texting or Facebooking…

Sheila is single like me and a fulltime mother, the father is not in the picture at all so it’s a challenge, with her main focus being on her daughter. She has not had a relationship since the father has been out of the picture so has been single for more years than we would care to mention… She’s had occasional dates but nothing serious which was beginning to take its toll, she started to feel depressed especially after her last date which ended up being a disaster (What can I say, I am not the only one to end up on a date with a gay in the closet…).


And I get it. We walk by the beach and we see all those couples of all ages, hugging, kissing holding hands…. Sometimes it does get to you. Especially if like me you have to deal with all those idiots on dating sites…

But that week, something had changed. For the first time in 5 years, she was childless for the school holidays: 2 whole weeks where she could do whatever she wanted without having to worry about getting a babysitter or doing the school trips, lunch boxes, after school activities…

That day we were not restricted to our usual 30 minutes’ walk. So instead of turning around we decided to stop for a coffee at the Drift Bar around 4pm. Our topic of the day was about a guy she had met the previous weekend. She thought he was a much better match for me, except she had forgotten to ask the all-important question about his height. Since she is way shorter than me, most men are obviously taller than her so she does not have to think about their height but I certainly do. We decided to find out by texting him there and then. Jon kept us very entertained while we drank our coffee. We also decided to keep a close eye on the young and cute manager. Yes, this is what happens when 2 single women don’t get out much: we are entertained by little things…

After our coffee, we decided to switch to wine as we discovered it was happy hour! Then another wine… With chips…Wine goes down better with food… For Sheila it was nice to be out and not having to worry about getting home and follow the usual routines. For me it was just nice to be out of the house and doing something completely unplanned and spontaneous. Until I got a call from my daughter who needed to get her cat from my house… Oops, I forgot. So she and her boyfriend drove to the Drift Bar to pick us up.

It was way too early to wrap up such a good evening. My neighbour, Tish who is also single, decided to drop by with a bottle of red… and another one… By that time we had stopped the texting and Jon was on the phone and because he was such a good sport and seemed like a really nice guy, I did something completely out of character for me, I decided to overlook the fact that he was shorter than I would have liked and accepted to meet him one day… The party ended at 1am which is way past my bedtime especially on a weekday.

We’d had such a great time at the Drift Bar we decided to go back there as a big event: a night out woohoo! With no other motives or reasons than having a good time out.

Being a Friday night, the place was buzzing. It was only Sheila and I as Tish had other commitments with her own kids. We started quietly, sitting at the back of the bar with a pizza and a wine. Our game plan to entertain ourselves was to get the names of all the bartenders, all cute shall I add, and too young. We got offered a glass of bubbly each, a welcomed bonus! So we finished our pizza, drank our wine, took our glasses of bubbly and found a table to sit at by the front, just in front of the singer that was playing music on that night. Yes the bar also had live music so the atmosphere was brilliant.

The table we had chosen had no stools… so Sheila decided to go and ask a guy who was seated at another table on his own if we could use the stools from his table. Low and behold, he was on his own so she invited him to join our table. To make things even more interesting, we decided on playing a game and all we had to do was to tell a secret. There was only one rule: it had to be an interesting secret, whether it was true or not didn’t matter. A few hours later, we had 2 tables and countless people laughing and playing the game with us. We got shouted a bottle of wine and several drinks. Fun times.

Later on I see Sheila in an embrace and kissing one of the guys… then she ran up to me to tell me what a good kisser he was and that he had such delicate hands. Until she felt sick. The champagne and drink mixture did not agree well with her. Levis walked her on the other side of the road after I got his phone number. We walked home, I thought some fresh air would help to get it out of her system plus I didn’t want her being sick at my place. Once we got home, I settled her in my bed with a bucket next to her, tucked up safely with a smile on her face.

The next day, even though she was not feeling that crash, she was so excited that I had that guy’s phone number that she wasted absolutely no time, a date was organised that same morning. A ride on a motorbike in the hinterland, how more romantic do you want to be on a first date?
When she came back from her date, she told me he was the one, she could hardly believe it. She said he ticked all the boxes.

“My friend kept telling me I would never find a man with no children and here he is! Everything on my list he ticks. And my list is 4 pages long! Do you have a list?”

“I do have a list, written on my notepad, which is my suitcase, which is somewhere in the UK…”

“Well write another one now” Sheila ordered me.

I had completely forgotten about the list. Not that I had ever really believed in it even though I wrote it because I had been told by several people over the years to have one. It wouldn’t cost me a thing to do another one, there was nothing to lose. Seeing how happy she was and that she had found her match finally without having to deal with all the idiots I had to deal with in the past year, it was worth a try.

I am happy for my friend but I also feel jealous and envious, but in a good way, and she knows it as I keep telling her. It was just a few weeks ago when we had that walk and she felt so down. So depressed about everything and now seeing her floating on cloud 9 is amazing. She is so happy that you can actually feel it! 3 weeks later they are still so happy, her kid has met him and is very happy with the situation and I can promise you those 2 will tie the knot within a year. I’m already looking for the perfect heels and matching nail polish. Who knows, maybe that’s where I’ll meet my Mr One.

How quickly things can change. You can be on the brink of giving up all hope and then the magic in your life really begins, maybe there is hope for some of us after all. Dating sites are great but we just can’t rely on them completely. You have to be open to everything and embrace opportunities as they present themselves. More importantly you have to never forget how to have fun, how to be yourself, how to be attractive, and to have a list!