HerSmile is an app nominated for two awards at the UK Online Dating Awards 2015. One is for Best New Dating Website and the other for Innovator in the Dating Industry. Cosmo Currey, a thirty-year old dedicated entrepreneur and dating expert created HerSmile. On top of an impressive educational background and 16-hour work days,  he has devoted 50,000 hours shared between his experience and research to create HerSmile.

Dating profiles are often misleading and intention can be deceptive. HerSmile creates refreshingly honest profiles for its users. It will remove potential errors and poor matchmaking by making sure an introduction is coming from a genuine place that resonates with the individual.

“Another dating app?” You say and I hear you. Do we really need a new Tinder or Badoo? No, we don’t, but Cosmo Currey assures us HerSmile is different.

There are two main features that differentiate HerSmile from other dating apps.

The first big difference is the app is not free. Women have to pay a monthly subscription and can then contact any guys on the app. Men sign up for free and only have to pay for ‘introduction credits’. Before a guy spends any money at all, he can send a ‘Smile’ to get a woman’s attention.

RSVP, an Australian dating site, uses a similar concept. Instead of sending a ‘Smile’, it’s a ‘Kiss’. Instead of ‘introduction Credits’, RSVP uses ‘Stamps’. The difference is that anyone can sign up for free on RSVP and send unlimited amount of ‘Kisses’. Only to email a suitor, you have to buy ‘Stamps’ which expire after 30 days. You can received unlimited ‘kisses’ but it is unlikely you will receive unsolicited messages on RSVP which makes it one of the best dating websites for that reason alone.

Having a paid membership is a thoughtful condition of the app because there is a better chance to find people who have genuine intention. A lot of members on free dating apps are there to boost their ego or to find a booty call. Let’s hope though that HerSmile will keep to just that approach. It would be a shame of it introduces useless paid features such as being able to hide, spy or create something like a ‘Tinder super like’.

What else is making HerSmile a better dating app?

One big issue with dating sites is the making of a profile. There are a lot of misconceptions about them and you will find 100s of ‘how to make a good dating profile‘ pieces on the Internet. Yet, profiles are still poorly written and sometimes they do not make sense. And I get it: nobody wants to write about themselves and it’s not easy either.

Cosmo said: “Surely your 27, 30, 40 years’ existence is more than just a great selfie. Tell someone about you and who you are. This is your life; there is no right or wrong answer. Think about the person you decide to message.

A dating profile is like a job cover letter accompanied by a resume. On a dating site, you also have a few seconds to make a good impression.

So how does HerSmile fix this issue?

Besides the obvious details you need to provide, HerSmile gives you a series of questions:
• Dead or alive, who would you most like to meet?
• Your greatest strength?
• If you weren’t afraid of the outcome, what would you do? I’d…
• One of your earliest memories was…
• Which three adjectives describe you best?

They are not asking if you have a pet or your favourite colour. Those questions are fun, yet thought provoking to ensure each profile will be refreshingly honest. Once you answer them, HerSmile will generate your dating profile.

How is HerSmile changing the way we profile ourselves on dating sites and apps?At the time of writing, HerSmile had 23 questions. Cosmo reduced them to 14 (as far as I know at time of writing) and I am not sure which ones are out. A good way to find out though, is to give this dating app a try.

Bear in mind that you can go a bit deeper when answering the questions. As you can see in my profile I gave to the point answers but if you look at Cosmo’s profile, he went the extra mile.

How is HerSmile changing the way we profile ourselves on dating sites and apps?Is there anything else HerSmile will bring to the table to differentiate itself from other dating apps?

Besides being a beautifully intuitive design and user friendly dating app, there are a number of features to give it an edge.
– On the gallery page you can click ‘Miles Away’ to see where suitors are and the distance between you and them, and the closest city.
– On the Gallery page you can check your ‘Points in Common’ to see your compatibility.
– On the Gallery page, you can see a mini copy of their Facebook card.
– The use of voice messages: you can use a voice message on your profile to introduce yourself and you can send a voice message to suitors.
– Video uploads: you can upload 3 videos from YouTube, Vimeo or From File.
– Pictures uploads to show your interests in different categories such as: artwork, song, film, sport, invention, discovery, animal, location, grace, intelligence, ambition, and sophistication.

Are there any cons to HerSmile?

In the Photos and Videos section, you can disguise your pictures to show off your profile and interests only. This feature sounds like blind dating and will cause people not to be genuine. Cosmo is dead set on killing the candy crush approach which focuses on visuals only such as ‘swiping pictures left or right’. A feature used by almost all dating apps. And that is fine. But he also said:
“When a man offers to buy women a drink he is confirming his intention is genuine. His investment lets her know he is interested in her. From a safe and informed point of view she can now decide where it goes. Meanwhile for him; if she accepts the drink he knows the interest is mutual and if she declines his time won’t be wasted. The idea for HerSmile was born. We took exactly what we do in real life, and put it online.”

If a man at a bar walks into a bar wearing a hat, dark sunglasses and a trench coast to hide his built, it will look odd. Unless he is Keanu Reeves in his Matrix outfit, no woman will take a drink from such man. And a man will not buy a drink to a woman if he is not attracted to her look. Only once they start talking to each other will he have an insight of her character. So hiding your pictures, not having some or poorly taken ones are a big no-no in my opinion.

HerSmile looks like a promising dating app. The sign up process is simple: by email or through Facebook. The price is right. The features are plentiful. Though if creating your profile is easy, it will still take you more than five minutes to do it if you intend to use all of the features available.

Visit HerSmile official website.