Welcome to Overheard Conversations.

Our original dream was to create an online dating site where all of those people who were disallusioned with the commercial market could come and find real people, develop real friendships for a truly positive experience that one day may lead to that magical moment. We soon realised that we needed to be different, with so many sites available for dating, and some of then good, we needed to evolve. This is more than an online dating site.

Stuzz is an online community for everyone and anyone who is experiencing dating, relationships and the quest for companionship. It’s a refuge from those dating sites that don’t seem to care about the individual person, from the people masquerading behind false profiles and false intentions. It’s a place to share thoughts, feelings and experiences from all perspectives, whether you’re looking for love, have found that special person or are experiencing heartache.

Our vision is to create an environment where people can do more than meet, chat and share experiences. We want you to be able to feel truly involved, nurtured and most importantly yourselves. By sharing experiences, good and bad, happy or sad, scary or exhilarating we know that we can create a site that is unique and right for you.

Who we are

Pris, The Sparkle Fairy & The HotFish

What we do

Air our grievances, discuss and analyse the (online) dating game and relationships.

Why we do it

Nobody does it properly and of course, we volunteer.

Where we do it

Somewhere on the Sunshine Coast in Australia – When Prisqua is not lifting; taking long walks on the beach or playing tennis, she reads. She also seeks out dating apps to review as well as articles about love, relationships and dating to discuss on weekly Hangouts On Air. As therapy, Prisqua hunts down and shoots Aliens. On occasion, she goes on Coffee dates. Happy hours with Prisqua means a few glasses of wine accompanied by cheese. There might be dancing as well. Tall, muscular men are Prisqua’s turn-on.

In very close proximity to world-famous Bourbon Street – A passionate and dedicated night owl, The HotFish often crawls into bed as everybody stumble to get their morning coffee. The HotFish thrives where there is an abundant of food; laughter; sun, heat and humidity. The HotFish also never leaves home without her little digital camera; charger, headphones and Zippo lighter. Also, she is an Iron and gummy bear addict.

In Redditch, UK – Ange works far too much to have time for herself most days and nights. She is adept at running things – a household and a business. Ange holds out hope for all hopeless romantics that there is someone out there for everyone.

What we are aiming at…

Our blog enables you to join in, comment or just reflect on not only our own experiences of dating, our relationships, but also our hopes and dreams. We hope you can see the human touch and sincerity to our stories, sometimes there are no lessons to be learned or tips to be passed on, just emotions to empathise with. We also hope that you’ll share some of your own experiences. The personal touch is what will make Stuzz an online dating place you can enjoy visiting again and again.

Get Some Stuzz Into Your Life!

In the future we look forward to being able to bring you success stories from our members. We still need you to build the members area so we have genuine real people forming the database for Stuzz. What you see is really what you get. If you receive a message from a fellow member here, you can be confident it’s a genuine enquiry and not a poached or ghosted profile.

We’ll also be bringing you stories from our own everyday encounters, our quirky observations and any hints and tips we can find along the way to enhance your dating experiences. If there are any men out there brave enough to share their experiences from a male point of view we’d love to hear from you! If you have any stories to share, no matter how short and sweet or long and gruelling let us know, after all love is what makes the world go round, or at least the search for it never fails to keep us very occupied!

If all else fails, keep smiling, keep dreaming and be true to yourselves.