It was one of those days – cleaning my email accounts; checking out if there was any worthwhile news – my daily morning routine. I came across an article describing a new dating app. “Not another one” I told myself. I skimmed through the short and sweet article which revealed nothing.

at First Sight Studio's New Video-Based Dating Mobile Application Disrupts the Online Dating Industry “At First Sight dating app connects its users through 60-seconds video chats.”

Dating sites based on videos are not new. When I clicked on the link it took me to a page with an iTunes links and a Google pay button that said “coming soon”. I downloaded the app because what better way of understanding what it was all about instead of reading. Though I probably should have explored the website a bit more beforehand.

The app logs you in through Facebook so if you don’t have a Facebook account, you are out! You do not need to enter anything else. You are left with the choice of two buttons “wait” or “seek” and so I chose seek.

I must say this – At First Sight is a very sleek app compared to their horrible website. While you “seek”, you can tap on the screen and different messages will show up such as quotes and stats.

Then the magic happened. Somebody wanted to connect. Maybe it was because this happened too early in the morning, maybe I was just in la la land. I was totally unprepared for this.

I was staring at the handsome guy as if I was on Facetime with my best mate, except I have no idea who this extremely cute face is. And by the way, he was staring at the screen and he seemed as puzzled as I was.

“Is this live?” I tentatively asked. It may sound like such a stupid question but at the time it felt as if I was in another dimension. The handsome guy replied, “I guess so”. OMG the handsome guy is moving his lips and I can hear him talk! Did I say how handsome he was? And all of a sudden I remembered I was not ready for this and realised my hair was up in a messy, I-don’t-care way, I have my reading glasses on and… well not ready to talk to an awesomely cute guy!

The guy also became self-conscious – because some of them do – and remove whatever was “holding” his hair in a strange way trying to re-arrange his already good look.

Now that we both have an acceptable face on, we can talk like two human beings. We are finally over the shock of what is happening and we are both laughing. Suddenly the call ends. WTF. What do I do? I want to talk to the guy (hoping he wants to talk to me too). I press the button that shows I-can’t-remember-what-it-was and we are being reconnected. Phew! That was close.

I also found out there is an “admire” button so we can stay in contact and show a very simple profile. Mr Handsome is in the USA, I’m in Australia. He is also 8 years younger than me. The matching algorithm is obviously completely off. But then again, nothing is being asked of you when you log in to the app. So this app has no idea what type of guys I am after. As for the location… well I don’t know what to tell you there… The only option you have is whether you are seeking men, women or both. I am also assuming not many people in Australia would know about this dating app and not many people in general would know about it since it was released just a few days ago.

At First Sight FAQ page does actually explain a lot, so do make sure you read it before signing up.

Even though it felt awkward at first, I did enjoy the interaction afterwards. Maybe 60-seconds is a bit short to introduce each other but it is better than a rehearsed video profile. And if you don’t like the person in the first few seconds, you can just hang up and you will never know a thing about that person.

Only people who mutually “admire” each other can continue to talk and stay in touch. You have to keep up chatting or calling each other to stay connected otherwise the contact will be automatically deleted.

We will have to see in time how at First Sigh app will evolve. Because obviously I would like to get matched with someone a bit closer but as handsome and smart. I am also wondering how will the app control the video version of a “dick pic”? Because once at First Sight becomes popular, some people are going to take it to the extreme. And since what you saw cannot be unseen, a “report” button is not enough.

In my opinion, it is by far the best dating app on the market at the moment.

Also, there is no fee or in-app purchase and no ads which I am assuming will change at some point in time.

If you have not done so yet, try at First Sight dating app and let us know about your experience with it.

Edit: as of 5 of July 2015, there are only 100 users in Australia – 2 them are my friend and I, with most users in the USA, then UK and about 10 in France… So it does explain why I was matched with someone in the USA and why down under we are more likely to get a connection in the middle of the night. There has been quite a few app updates since this post and we may have the first success story… I will keep you updated.

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It is free, it is interactive. No BS about writing a profile and fake pictures. It takes 30 seconds to join if that.


The matching is off but at the time of writing, it is new.


Brilliant app. Easy. Free. Awesome.

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