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As a rule, I do not download dating sites apps but I was a little bit curious about the much talked about Tinder. Prisqua mentioned she downloaded it on her iPad but has not been active on it. I told her I am thinking of downloading it on my Asus. I was reticent about using Tinder solely because you log in via Facebook credentials. Having had so many Facebook accounts since 2006, I decided to get off the bandwagon a few years ago. I went back to it because of Prisqua sometime last year. I have less than 10 friends on it but I do not mind. In addition, I do not have many pictures on my Facebook account. Certainly none of my face. I used the same picture for my background and AV. Recently, I got tired of looking at my own arse so I updated my Facebook AV with a picture of my now (in)famous back.

I must confess, besides not downloading dating site apps to my mobile, I also do not create dating sites profiles while sober. Getting a Tinder account is no exception.

Armed with a few glasses of merlot in my system, a massive amount of boredom and lack of research into what really goes into a Tinder account, I went to the Play store and downloaded the app to my Asus. It was not complicated at all. I did not need to think up a username because it is culled from my Facebook account. I checked my profile and saw that underneath my name is my age – 26 years old. I groaned. I do not mind my age on these dating sites to be 10 years younger as I can actually pull it off. But the lure of all these beautiful men on my Asus made me start swiping. I swiped left mostly to reject simply because of their ages. Some were not physically attractive to me while others were in a group or with a friend. I could not be bothered to try and figure out whose profile it was that showed up on my screen.

I noticed Tinder profiles are generally short and sweet. Another plus is that you cannot message each other unless you both swiped right or clicked on the green heart on each other’s profile. Think of it as mutually agreeing to exchange phone numbers or email addresses. If the other person likes you but you reject him or her, both will move on, no hard feelings. No hard feelings because you cannot go back to that person’s profile. S/he does not know you came upon their profiles and rejected them. Likewise, you do not know who chanced upon your profile. No stalking! I like that about Tinder. The short tagline (although there are some people who do over-think their profiles and try to list their likes and dislikes as in a traditional online dating site on the web) that describes you is twitter-like. If you have mutual interest/s, it will show up at the bottom of the profile.

After swiping right a few times, I went to bed and when I woke up, I had notifications from Tinder. Still groggy, I did not stop to think what those notifications mean. One said I was matched with someone and another one said someone sent me a message. At this point, I still had not figured out the mutual liking leading to capability to message each other thing. All I knew was that I had a message sent a little after 8 a.m. The message was simple – Hey beautiful, nice back, lol. I started to laugh. I went to the mall and at the carpark, I decided to download Tinder to my mobile. So began this crazy Tinder addiction. In between swiping left, I was exchanging messages with Steve. Yes, that person who messaged me at a little after 8 that morning. Later that evening, Steve gave me his number and after a few SMS, I thought I should tell him I am not 26. I told him that there are a few things he needed to know about me. He asked what are they. SO I told him that I am not 26, I am married. And Thing I is 18, if he wants to do the math. He was okay with it. He later revealed that he has a fiancee back home and that he will be here only for a few months. Later, I asked if he had any plans the next night. He said he had no plans and asked what I had in mind. We agreed to meet at a bar close to where he is staying. The very bar where I met Zack the previous week and where I met Tony last November. I am making that bar my official meet ups.

After meeting Steve and finding out we do have a rapport, I was still grappling with the age thing on Tinder. I googled how to correct the age problem and found a solution. It is as simple as changing your age on Facebook itself, logging off, and logging back in. I did just that and voila! It worked, like magick.

On OKCupid and elsewhere, I received the usual – Hi. Your sexy. And other two or three or four words messages from people who I would NEVER even consider right-swiping on Tinder. It is refreshing to not get messages from random people you find unattractive. I do not miss the bus load of messages every other day.

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Another thing about Tinder algorithm is that once you set your age preference, the only people who show up on your screen has set their preference that includes your age group as well. Say, I prefer men to be between the ages of 25 – 35. Those in my preferred age group who set their preference to include MY age group will show up on my screen. I never appear in anyone’s screen who are under the age of 25 and over 35 even though they may include my age group in their settings. In this sense, it is truly like walking into a bar or party where you scope out those who meet your criteria while totally ignoring those that do not. Those same people might be scoping you out too and your eyes meet, one of you walks over to say hello, and let the getting to know each other begin! How easy is that?

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As a fan of being to the point, I like Tinder’s message set up. It works exactly like SMS (to me). You are less prone to write lengthy messages while clacking away at your mobile just like when you send someone an SMS. If you are busy when you received a message, you simply do not reply until you have the time. Just like twitter replies and incoming SMS. The person sending you the message cannot stalk his own message to verify if you read it or not.

You set your preference for distance on Tinder. That means, anyone within your preferred mile radius who set theirs to match yours will appear on your screen (age group preference taken into account). In this way, the chances of you seeing someone from 5,000 miles away appearing on your screen is zero.

Being a twitter addict, I find Tinder’s concept very fun. It is short, to the point, and it is immediate. You have a thought, you tweet it, you hit send, done. You do not need to sit there and edit lengthy explanations about whatever it is that entered your thought like say, Facebook post or a blog for instance.

Tinder users seems to be less bogged down unlike conventional online dating sites. They are to the point with what they want and they want it NOW. It suits me because I am so tired of these wishy washy people that keep sending me messages on OKCupid and other online dating sites. They have to sit there and craft a lengthy set of questionnaire about this and that. And of course, they are never available to meet in the next 48 hours. In fact, they are never available to meet for one reason or another.

One Tinder match said this morning – Tinder is speed dating on steroids. You right swipe, you say hi, you scope out what each other wants, you set a time and place or you just move on because it was a mismatch.

Nothing is ever perfect and Tinder is no exception. On other sites, you get to see a person’s height but then some people do not input this information. There is no way to let people know your marital status on Tinder unless you add that on your profile or you tell them after a few conversations. I do not add my marital status on my profile. I am keeping it simple. Some might find this a turn off as well – you cannot share pictures on Tinder messaging system. I LOVE this fact. You simply move the conversation to your mobile phone and send each other an MMS of each other.

On Tinder, you cannot un-like or un-favourite or un-right or un-left swipe a person. There have been many occasions when I right or left swiped by mistake. As Tinder will tell you, Tinder on!

Tinder is great for those who are not into lengthy profiles and unnecessary showing off in their profiles. I am aware people are now crafting their Tinder profiles to include their hobbies and etc. I left swipe immediately without bothering to read their nonsense. I will go to OKCupid if I want to read bloated profiles. Tinder also is the most perfect thing for those wanting a hook up. I much prefer Tinder over Fling although that is what Fling tries to do – getting people wanting a hook up together.



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